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    Many of the Architectural Design Software products available today have been developed with the untrained D-I-Y designer in mind. Design software developers realize that people are becoming more and more computer savvy. And many people like to try things for themselves before bringing in the professionals.

    Sure, we all know that Autodesk’s line of design products do require some degree of training - some even a great deal of training. These products are great for the professional designer but not for the average homeowner or contractor. (I have used some AutoCAD products for many years and probably only use 1 tenth or less of the available functions on even their most basic software.

    However, with the advent of the new era of architectural design software, homeowners (and prospective homeowners) can quickly and easily develop their own home designs, addition designs and landscape designs with no formal training!

    Architectural Home Design Software

    Take the new Architectural series from Punch for example. Punch’s “Home and Landscape Design Architectural Series” is where (as they put it) 3D realism meets easy to use.

    Their NexGen combines with LightWorks as a powerful yet user-friendly software that will allow you to get spectacular photo quality images of realistic home designs that YOU create!

There is a long list of features included in this architectural software design package. Here is just a few:

  1. Professional lighting effects allow you to add amazing lighting and shadowing effects to produce near photo quality renderings of your designs
  2. Smart Rooms technology gives you complete automation that changes components of your design when you make changes to the size or shape of your design.
  3. To get you off to a running start there are over 100 minutes of video tutorials.
  4. Roofing is generated automatically with their Auto Roof Generation.
  5. This software has an expanded library of objects including home theatre items.
  6. And it works in both Imperial units and Metric.
Punch! Architectural Series® is the most powerful and comprehensive architectural suite of products in one package!
Home and Landscape Design Software

Many of the Punch design software packages have both home and landscape design capabilities. Their “Home and Landscape Design Professional V2” software is a powerful design tool. A few features of this design software are:

  1. Included tools that allow you to design faster including pre-drawn zone sensitive planting beds with drag and drop capabilities.
  2. Their trademarked QuickStart feature allows you to design a house in as little as 60 seconds (according to Punch). Or as an option you can choose from their editable home templates, trace a floor plan or scan in a photo so that you can add some landscaping to an existing house!
  3. You can even dazzle your family and friends with a self-running virtual video of your new home design.
  4. There is a one click on-line tutorial and videos thanks to their new Training Centre.
  5. Punch even has a button for “Going Green” with ideas to save energy and money using eco-friendly and energy efficient materials.

This design package includes the trademarked Smart Rooms technology as well as some of the other features listed above.

Their Home and Landscape Design v2 is a somewhat “lighter” version of Professional v2. It has some of the features listed above including:

  1. Automatic change updates to your plans.
  2. The Building Green function
  3. Their NexGen technology
  4. Over 30,000 drag and drop objects, furniture and plants

Designing a Home Could Never Be Easier. Get Started Today on building the home of your dreams

There can be nothing more satisfying than to be sitting in your new home that you designed yourself. And it can be easier than you might think. Give it a try! What have you got to lose (except paying a lot of money to professional designers)?

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