Why are Metal Building Kits Becoming the Construction Method of Choice?

Construction methods are constantly evolving. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Building codes are becoming stricter. Shorter construction times are required. Demand for more economical buildings - both long- and short-term - is rising. And a high quality finished product is paramount. Is it any wonder that Metal Building Kits are fast becoming the construction method of choice?

These steel building packages come in a different styles or types that each have their own set of advantages. They do have many advantages in common related to the demands listed above.


Building Kit Quality

Metal buildings are of course constructed of high-grade steel. Steel has one of the best strength to weight ratios of all building materials. This makes for a lightweight very strong structure. Other non-combustible construction methods are very heavy in comparison.

Metal building kits are made from high quality steel and steel products. Steel materials do not warp, twist, crack or rot as wood material does. Steel components are fabricated to strict tolerances. And these tolerances do not change as wood can when it does out or absorbs moisture.

Metal building kits have a prescribed and exact erection method that includes required bolts screws and other fasteners, which again have specified steel grade requirements.

And to top it all off, most steel building kits are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines in a controlled environment. This coupled with the high quality of components included in a metal building kit makes for a high quality end product - your new metal building.

Metal Buildings and Strict Codes

In light of recent natural and human-caused disasters, building codes and local by-laws are becoming much more strict. Because of the nature of steel, metal building construction is becoming the material of choice.

Natural disasters have caused building codes to become much more strict. Metal buildings can be engineered to withstand the most adverse conditions that Mother Nature can provide. High snow loads are no problem for metal building engineers. High seismic zones can be engineered for in steel buildings.

Many buildings must now be constructed of non-combustible materials. Enter steel as the product of choice for economical, lightweight, high quality non-combustible construction.

Economical Metal Building Construction

Metal buildings are most often engineered specifically for you the end user. There are few components that are included un-necessarily in your building material package. In order to be competitive, metal building manufacturers are 'value engineering' your specific building kit. Individual components are streamlined to offer you a safe and high quality product at the most economical price.

By having the building manufactured in kit or package form, an exact set of erection specifications can be provided to ensure a quick erection process. Speedy erection equals lower construction costs. In many types of metal building construction, individual components are sub-assembled reducing the amount of on-site time required to complete the metal building - again equating to cost savings.

Because Steel building kits are lighter than most other methods of construction, the 'dead-load' on the foundations and footings are reduced. This can in many cases result in reduced costs for the foundations and footings.

For most potential purchasers, an economical building that provides strength and security along with aesthetics is important.  Whether you are looking for a Metal Farm Building, a new office building, a strip mall or a new factory building, a Pre-Eng Steel Building can provide it.

Put all of these savings together and you get a high quality, economical building.

Reduced Building Kit Erection Time

We have identified the fact that reduced erection site time equates to reduced costs. But how are erection site times reduced?

A well-organized contractor will have a written construction schedule. This could be as simple as the milestone dates marked on a calendar or as well developed as a schedule developed on some soft-ware like 'Project'. With this schedule, the contractor or owner/developer can identify when the actual steel building materials will be required on site. Knowing the lead-times required by the metal building manufacturer, the order can be placed so the building kit arrives just-in-time. And because the building can be fabricated while the site-work including the footings and foundations are being completed, there is no wait-time on site. This is especially important for industrial or Commercial Metal Building  developers where speedy turn-over is essential. It can be equally important to home-buyers of Residential Metal Building Packages who have a required move-in date.

Because manufactured metal buildings have individual components sub-assembled in a quality-controlled environment, there can be fewer pieces to assemble on site speeding up the erection process. Most of the building kits are either erected like a large 'Mechano' set or are assembled on site in panels, similar to snapping 'Lego' blocks. This relative ease of construction of course speeds up the on-site erection time without compromising the quality of the installation.

I guess the best way to end this article is to ask again: Is it any wonder that Prefab Metal Building Kits are fast becoming the construction method of choice?


What to Do Next

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