Metal DIY Garage Kits – Your Best Option

Why are our Metal DIY Garage Kits your best option?

There are numerous reasons for Metal DIY Garage Kits are the best option for the home-owner and small business alike. You have heard many of these reasons before. In this post we will provide you with some reasons why we believe that our metal garage kits are superior for the do-it-yourselfer.

What Does the DIY’r Demand in a Metal Garage Kit?

As a do-it-yourselfer you are of a somewhat demanding breed. And I mean that in a good way. You know what you want and look for a supplier to provide exactly that.

You want a quality product at a competitive price. You do not want to pay a fortune but you understand the value of quality items.

The product should be well made to exacting dimensions. It should be designed to fit together properly. You want a garage building kit that goes together quickly and easily.

The finished garage should have a great appearance and have little or no maintenance. It should have a long life-span.

And the garage kit should be designed to be installed with a minimum amount of required equipment and man-power.

Of course it must be very cost competitive and prove to be a great value.


The Robertson Mini-Steel Buildings Difference

We will start out with the specifics of our Robertson Mini-Steel Garage Buildings.

First, with a Robertson Mini Building kit you receive the assurance in design of one of the major pre-engineered steel building manufacturers. That’s right, the same company that provides their large dealer network with the highest quality manufacturing plants, athletic complexes, commercial buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangars, horse riding arenas, barns and drive sheds (etc….etc.) will provide you with a high quality metal shop or garage kit.

Robertson supplies metal buildings and components three hundred feet wide by seven hundred feet long (and larger) that fit perfectly. You can be certain that a twenty-five foot by twenty-five foot garage building will be no problem.

No one wants to have to admit to having purchased an inferior product… No problem here!

Why is this important to a DIY’r? As we mentioned above most do-it-yourselfers are demanding and require a high quality product. With a high quality product such as Robertson’s building kits you can be assured that the components will fit together easily and properly. This makes your time more productive and significantly decreases frustration. With less time and effort you can have the best looking garage on your block.

The Robertson garage kits are manufactured from the highest quality cold rolled steel. This means that there are no hot rolled (“red iron”) components. Cold rolled sections are much lighter than the “red iron” sections. Do-it-yourselfers will find that this makes for a much easier erection process. No need for cranes to lift main-frames.

With no “red iron” columns to install you will not require the large concrete piers and pier footings required with the heavier columns.

Robertson applies their expertise in large-scale building connections to their Mini-Building kits. Holes that are punched in one section match perfectly to the section it attaches to. Simply follow the instructions and place the bolts in the matching holes.

These garage building kits come in three widths: 15’, 20’ and 25’. The lengths start at 25’. If you require a longer building Robertson has add-on modules of 5’. That means that you can purchase a garage that is 30’ 35’ or even 45’ long and longer.

You can choose from a wide range of siding colors. Your metal garage building can blend in beautifully with your home or neighborhood.

Climatic conditions have been accounted for as well. Robertson uses their engineering capabilities to ensure that these metal building kits are capable of withstanding the loading capacities required for your specific site.

With ease of construction and virtually no waste Robertson’s metal building kits are a great buy and the eco-responsible choice.

Reasons for Choosing a Metal Garage Building

Okay. These are the reasons that you have probably heard before. I’ll try to be brief here:

• Metal buildings do not warp, twist, crack or rot like wood structures can.

• Metal buildings are impervious to insects.

• Being constructed of metal, these buildings do not promote the growth of moulds.

• Buildings constructed of metal are non-combustible.

• Metal garages are lighter in weight than most other construction methods.

• Metal building kits can be erected faster than other construction methods.

• Metal buildings are Eco-Friendly. They don’t destroy forests and trees.

• Buildings that are metal are manufactured from high quality largely recycled materials.

• The buildings are completely recyclable (if and when you are done with them).

• There is little or no waste to a metal building kit. No trips to the landfill (and the associated costs involved). And little or no clean-up after erection!

• Garage building kits of metal are very cost competitive: comparable to wood; cheaper than other construction methods.

• Even your building insurance costs could be reduced because of your metal garage’s non-combustible structure.

If you are considering the do-it-yourself project of constructing a garage or shop building you owe it to yourself to check out Robertson Metal Mini-Buildings. You could quite easily save money, time, effort and frustration.

When you are complete there is no on-going maintenance work of painting etc. Your time will be your own to spend how you wish.

Be the talk of the block with your fabulous new metal garage building – one that you built yourself!

Tell us what you are looking for and we will provide you with a Metal DIY Garage Building Kit Quotation.

Contact us for more information or to get a quote on your metal building needs.