Prefab Metal Buildings - What you need to know BEFORE you buy!

The purchase of a new building can be a stressful event. The wrong decisions can be extremely costly. To ensure an easy journey through the purchase, there are a few things that you really should consider before you purchase Prefab Metal Buildings.

1. What use will your new prefabricated metal building have?

Now this might seem a no-brainer, but consider this. Write down what you will use your new building for. What else might it be used for? What about future use? Will you consider selling your new building in the future?

2. What size should your new metal building kit be?

Again, a no-brainer - right? There are a number of factors that should be considered. Plan for your current use and any future uses that crop up. Consider your interior space requirements - office, plant, storage, equipment etc. What about the height? Do you - or will you - need a second floor or mezzanine space?

3. Of the many types of pre-fab metal buildings, which will yours be?

Now this item may take a little more research and consideration. A pre-engineered steel building can provide very large open spaces. A panelized metal stud-building package can provide economy and quick on-site installation. What about a metal arch type building kit?

4. What accessories do you require in your prefab metal building?

You should also write down all of the accessories that you can think of that would be included in your metal building. These could include doors of all description and windows. At this time you should also add things like mezzanines, roof mounted equipment and things like overhead cranes and hoists.

5. Get your metal building package priced.

Now is the time to provide all of the information you have accumulated above to a number of prospective manufacturers and/or suppliers. Yes… I did say a NUMBER of suppliers. You want to compare and evaluate the quotes for ease of mind.

6. Do a complete analysis of the metal building prices.

Check out each of the quotes for completeness and professionalism. Ensure that all bidders have included what you have asked for. There are a number of items to check here.

7. Should you hire or self-erect your metal building package?

Even the handy guy should carefully consider this. Although many packages are considered Do-It-Yourself construction, experienced installers are equipped with the special tools and equipment that may be required.

8. When is the best time to purchase prefab buildings?

Although the suppliers may promote 'sale pricing' at a certain time of year, there is only one time to buy - ONLY when you are completely satisfied that you have a quote from a reputable builder that includes all of the details that you require or desire.

9. How to plan and schedule for your new prefabricated metal building.

If you have a require move-in or turn-over date, you must consider this item carefully. Work backwards from your required date to find the last possible order date. Then apply a buffer time.

If you work your way through each of these steps, you can assure yourself that you have done your 'due diligence' in finding the right building and the right supplier. You will have less stress over your decision and have saved yourself from potentially costly mistakes.


What to Do Next

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