Robertson Buildings Dealers Can Now Offer More Economical Metal Building Options

At the recent Robertson Building Systems regional conferences some new concepts (and products) were introduced. The metal engineered building systems manufacturer held the conferences in Niagara Falls, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.

Three highlights of the conference that will be discussed here are the new inexpensive and quick delivery small building kits, the Long Bay system with its engineering and cost saving benefits and the new Robertson Metal Depot outlets.

A product that is ideal for smaller storage buildings, workshops and garages will now be available through the Robertson Dealer network. These buildings are very cost competitive for the purchaser and will be available for quick delivery.

The much smaller building profiles to suit do-it-yourself projects are to be available for those clients wishing to build smaller garages, workshops and storage buildings. The dealer network will be able to offer these buildings as a supply only item or installed by the dealer’s erectors at the purchaser’s site.

These new metal buildings will have a somewhat lighter frame design and be geared for the do-it-yourself builder. The minimum width of the metal building system is fifteen feet. This makes them ideal for single car garages for the homeowner.

The as yet un-named buildings will allow dealers to be very competitive in this growing market, comparing favorably to other construction methods. The lead-time required for delivery would be greatly reduced with stocked materials sizes ready for delivery in about one week from the new Robertson Building Depots (see below).

These small metal building kits are an addition to the Robertson line of products. Their ExpressPlus line of buildings was introduced last year and has exceeded management’s best expectations. ExpressPlus is a line of “simple” buildings ranging from 30’ x 90’ to 100’ x 200’ (in five foot increments). These buildings are limited in options and configuration.



As well at the conferences, Robertson highlighted their Long-Bay system. This system is well suited for applications where maximum bay sizes are required.

Robertson Long Bay System allows warehouse owners and manufacturers to have clear bays between building frames of up to 65’. That’s the longest in the industry.

These spans are accomplished by using light-gauge metal open web joists instead of the more traditional “Z” purlins. These light weight, high strength joists allow for the longer spans without adding excessive weight to the building. They are stiffer and lighter than conventional bar joists. The end seats are bolted to the frames so there is no welding required.

These joists – because of their construction – are quickly installed and require less bridging which is easily screwed to the joists. Again, no welding is required.

Robertson Building Systems Long Bay

Entire bays of this construction can be assembled safely and quickly on the ground and then lifted into place.

This Long Bay system offers great design flexibility – in bay sizes and in roofing options. A mechanically seamed, standing seam roof can be installed or one can opt for B-Deck for EPDM, Built-up or Single-Ply roofing.

This building system is ideally suited for anyone requiring fewer interior columns. Typical applications include distribution warehouses, large “big-box” style retail stores, manufacturing plants, religious facilities,  recreational centers and many other commercial metal buildings.

Also introduced at the sales conferences was the new Robertson Depot concept that would warehouse components for quick delivery or dealer pick-up. These facilities will be location specific in terms of what they will carry.

Products typically used in the east may be different from materials in the west. Central areas may use different products that the Maritimes. Demand from the dealers will largely dictate what is carried in each depot.

Building components will be inventoried as required by the dealers. This will allow quick turn around for repair items and replacement of short-shipped items on projects. That means that dealers will not be held up.

Materials for a few stock sizes of the new small buildings will be carried as well. This will allow a pick-up or delivery schedule of about one week (depending on work-load).

For local dealers, that means that they can have a building out to a customer in record time. That’s a far cry from the six to twelve week delivery for larger more complex buildings.

The Depots will be set up regionally according to demand with three slated for 2011. Dealers are looking forward to having the depots stocked and ready for use.

With the addition of the small metal building kits, the Long Bay system and new Robertson Metal Depots in dealers arsenal they are prepared to expand their market share in the fast-growing metal building marketplace.

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